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Why 7 Hamlets?


Both of our families live in Westmoreland and many of us grew up here as well. We are a close knit family and value our community. So, when we bought our building in Westmoreland, NY; we knew that we wanted our name to hold meaning for us and our town. When researching the history of our town, we discovered that Westmoreland, NY had 7 original Hamlets (small settlements). Picking a name for our brewery was quite the process and we were so relieved and happy to find something we love as much as we love 7 Hamlets. 


We now use the 7 Hamlets as an inspiration in our brewery from naming some of our craft beers after Hamlets to our décor, specifically using maps of Westmoreland. 

Check out the map to the left (you can also find this map framed in our building) and find the Hamlet you live in! 





What started as a hobby, quickly became our passion. We started brewing in June 2013, on a 5 gallon homemade system. After a few years of brewing on our homemade system, we decided to purchase an electric 1 barrel system consisting of 3-55 gallon stainless steel kettles with a goal to perfect our craft and open our own brewery. 


Then, in 2019, our dream started to become a reality when we purchased a building in our home town of Westmoreland, N.Y. With the help and support of our friends and family, we transformed that building into 7 Hamlets Brewing Company and we were open for business on March 27, 2020!


We’re excited to share our craft beer with you all and offer a warm and inviting place to spend time with your family and friends.


Thank you all for your continued support and we’ll see you soon!                                 

- Keith and Matt

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