-7 Hamlets Brewing Tap Room-

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            Beers marked with an asterisk* are our Premium Brews 

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On Tap

 Wale's Tale

Blonde Ale  •  5.5% ABV

Dry hopped Blonde that combines soft malty characters with light hop flavors

Rib Slap

Amber Ale •  5.0% ABV

A brilliant copper color showcases the caramel notes made with Irish Ale yeast. 

Stop 7 Heaven

Watermelon Wheat Ale •  5.5% ABV

Light caramel malts and white wheat balance out the sweetness of natural watermelon flavors

Pumpkin Spice*

Pumpkin Ale •  7.2% ABV

A delicious blend of sugar, spices, and 80 lbs of pumpkin.


Chocolate Hazelnut Porter • 7.5 % ABV

A roasty, malty porter brewed with cocoa and hazelnut

Heavy Hammie*

Strong Scotch Ale • 9.1 % ABV

A complex blend of 7 different malts create this rich, sweet and malty Wee Heavy. 


Pale Ale • 5.3 % ABV

A light and aromatic pale ale with late addition hops. 

Hop Soup (Watch Your Lips)*

NE IPA •  6.1 % ABV

Loaded with dry hops that deliver a noticeable citrus and tropical finish.

NYS Cider/ Hard Seltzer

1911 Original Hard Cider 


Critz Farms Four Screw Cider 


Critz Farm Blueberry Moon


Awestruck Hard Cider 16 Oz Cans

 Hibiscus Ginger, Peach Ring

1911 Hard Cider 16 Oz Cans

Black Cherry, Rosé, Raspberry, Tropical, Cider Donut

3 Brothers Hard Rain 12 Oz Cans

 Black Cherry, Honeydew Melon

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

 Saranac Bottled Soda

Root Beer, Ginger Beer, Shirley Temple & Sparkling Lemonade 

 Bottled Water 


NYS Wine

Heron Hill Cabernet Franc

Dry Red

3 Brothers Scandelicious

Semi-Sweet Raspberry

Villa Verona 50 Shades of Red

Semi-Sweet Red

3 Brothers Skirt Lifter

Sweet Red

3 Brothers Chardonnay

Dry White

3 Brothers 1st Degree Riesling

Off Dry White

3 Brothers White Jazz Infusion

Semi Dry White

Heron Hill Riesling

Semi Sweet White

3 Brothers Poor Limp Richards

White Sweet

Villa Verona Sassy Pants

White Sweet

3 Brothers Flirtation

Sweet White

3 Brothers 69 Ways to Have Fun 

White Blush

3 Brothers Ferocity

Semi-Dry Rosé